The day the Community Group meets the daughters of The Beatles is The 2nd Episode of Community Plaza: The Series.

The day the Community Group meets the daughters of The Beatles

Written by

Igor the Mii, LinuxFan399 and Mikan is Cute

Directed by

Igor the Mii and Mikan is Cute

Air Date

March 14, 2016

Previous Episode

A New Group, A New Hope

Next Episode

Smart Maiden in Distress

 Characters Edit

  • Igor the Mii
  • Brook/Mikan is Cute
  • Sarah West
  • Pingy Animatronic
  • LinuxFan399
  • Juzuno Lennon
  • Gerda Harrison
  • Rosalina Starr
  • Penny McCartney
  • Blythe Lennon
  • John Lennon
  • George Harrison
  • Ringo Starr
  • Paul McCartney
  • Eli Ayase
  • Nozomi Toujou
  • Hatsune Miku

Plot Edit

Igor and the gang meet Junzuno Lennon and her gang. But then a mysterious person comes and captures a certain someone....

Story Edit


  • ["Dolls in Pseudo Paradise - Track 9: Witch of Love Potion" plays.  Igor awoke to the sound of a guitar, he walks to the hall. The music stops while the sound of the guitar plays.]
  • Brook: [Walking down the hall] What is that guitar playing?
  • Igor: "I don't know."
  • Brook: "We better find out!"
  • Linux: "Let's go!"
  • [The guitar plays the song "Love Me Do" by The Beatles]
  • [Juzuno was there, huming the song while playing]
  • Brook: "Hm?"
  • Linux: "Um, miss?"
  • [Juzuno stops playing and humming and looks up]
  • Juzuno: "Hm?"
  • Igor: "What you were playing in your guitar?"
  • Juzuno: "Love Me Do by the beatles, the band my father was in."
  • Brook: "Well, that was a great song."
  • Juzuno: "Thank you!"
  • Linux: "What is your name?"
  • Juzuno: "I am Juzuno Lennon."
  • Linux: "Nice to meet you, Juzuno. And the others?"
  • Juzuno: "They're Rosalina Starr, Blythe Lennon, Gerda Harrison, and Penny McCartney."
  • Rosalina: "Hi!"
  • Blythe: "Hey."
  • Gerda: "Hello."
  • Penny: "Ayyyy!"
  • Brook: "Hello!"
  • Igor: "Hi~"
  • [Nozomi walks towards the group, she is still wearing her sleepwear, "Dolls in Pseudo Paradise - Track 10: Reincarnation" plays. ]
  • Rosalina: Oh? Who's this cute lady over there?
  • Brook: "Nozomi Toujou."
  • Nozomi: "Hello."
  • [All Girls wave and start to leave for the Musical Live! Community Music Theater]
  • Brook: "Wait! Let's come with you!"
  • Linux: "Yeah!"
  • Penny: "Okay!"
  • [The group follow the girls...after they put their regular clothing on.]
  • Igor: [As he looks around, he notices Hatsune Miku.] "Miku?"
  • Miku: "I'd knew you would leave!"
  • Brook: "Hi Miku!"
  • Miku: "Hi!"
  • Penny: "This is Hatsune Miku!"
  • Igor: "I know Hatsune Miku, Penny."
  • Penny: "Oh."
  • Miku: "I'd knew you would leave GoCity!
  • Igor: "And you were right."
  • [Juzuno was singing "Oh! Darling while strumming a few strings on the guitar]
  • [But somethings were watching them...]
  • Blue Meanie Minion 1: Look at all those people! How are we gonna get our hands on the princess?
  • Blue Meanie Minion 3: Shhh! We don't want them to hear us!
  • Blue Meanie Minion 2: But what do we do!
  • Blue Meanie Minion 3: I'll tell you what we do! WE GO RIGHT PASS THEM!!
  • [Hatsune Miku hears and sees the Blue Meanie Minions]
  • Blue Meanie Minion 1: LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!
  • [The minions start to run away, "Undertale - Alphys Takes Action (Original Remix)" plays. ]
  • Miku: Look! [Points to the Minions heading towards the castle]
  • Linux: "What are those things!?"
  • Juzuno: "Those are Blue Meanie minions! Which means.... oh no."
  • Igor: "Juzuno?"
  • Nazomi: "What are they planing to do at the castle?!"
  • [At the castle]
  • Blue Meanie Chief: "Hmmm..... he should already be here! He said "I'll let you rule this whole land in exchange of Princess Ayaka" What a pitful liar!"
  • Ayaka: [Tied up] "Who is this "He" you're talking about!?"
  • Blue Meanie Chief: "Would you like to know?" [Smirks]
  • Ayaka: "Ungraceful fool!"
  • Minions: "Oooooooo!"
  • Blue Meanie Chief: "SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU!"
  • [At Sarah West's Room]
  • Sarah: "Strange Blue people, eh? Those are the blue meanie minions, they're probably trying to take over Community City with their Chief."
  • Nozomi: "Where are they?!"
  • Sarah: "......[Sigh] I'm sorry to say this, but they probably held Ayaka hostage in her own castle."
  • Linux: "Aw man..."
  • Brook: "We should rescue her!"
  • [Brook runs out the door into the hallway]
  • Igor: "Brook!"
  • [Igor runs after brook and the others follow]
  • Juzuno: [Turns back while running] "Thank you, Sarah!"
  • Sarah: "Anytime!"
  • [The all run out the hotel and head for the castle]
  • {End of episode 2}