Smart Maiden in Distress is the 3rd episode of Community Plaza: The Series.

Smart Maiden in Distress

Written by

Igor the Mii and Mikan is Cute

Directed by

Igor the Mii and Mikan is Cute

Air Date

March 17, 2016

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Igor and most of his gang went to rescue Ayaka Ayamoto from the chief of the Blue Meanies. (People who didn't come thought they ate something that made them "see" the Blue Meanies and went back to their rooms to rest.) Some characters went to see what was going on at the castle and lead into a trap as well. When trying to rescue everyone, Ayaka was able to talking to Igor with a spell that made her talk to him without saying a word. Will Igor save everyone?

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  • [Igor and most of his gang arrive the castle]
  • Igor: [Looks around] "What's happening!?"
  • Sarah: "The Blue Meanies! They will capture the princess!"
  • Igor: "No! We can't let that happen!"
  • Nozomi: "I agree with Igor, we must defend the princess!"
  • Igor: "What Brook said."
  • Sarah: "I see other residents checking out what's going on....they might get captured too!"
  • Igor: "We can't have that happen! We must go and stop them!"
  • [They head inside the castle]
  • [They run to the Throne Room...only to see Ayaka's missing.]
  • Igor: "No!"
  • Linux: "We were too late!"
  • [Juzuno was looking for Ayaka]
  • Juzuno: "AYAKA! you can come out if you're hiding! Ayaka? Ayaka!?"
  • Brook: "How did she get captured though? She is very smart, so she knew better."
  • Igor: "............."
  • Nozomi: "Igor?"
  • Igor: [Turns to Nozomi] "I'm not giving up yet."
  • [Everyone turns to Igor]
  • Igor: "I'm gonna save Ayaka, and Community City."
  • Nozomi: "......" [Nods]
  • [Igor runs to outside the castle, he notices some of his gang was heading to Community Hotel]
  • Igor: "What? We gotta save Ayaka!"
  • Miku: "Sorry, we need to rest."
  • Mikan: "Yeah.....W-We're probably just seeing those "Blue Meanies"."
  • Miku: "Yep."
  • Igor: "Well....okay, I guess."
  • Nitori: [Offscreen] "I'll help you!"
  • [Nitori runs to Igor]
  • Igor: "Alright, thanks, just help us find Ayaka!"
  • Ayaka's voice: "Igor, I know where I am."
  • Igor: "Huh? Ayaka? Is that you?"
  • Ayaka: "Yes, Igor, it is me."
  • Igor: "Ayaka!"
  • Nozomi: "Igor, I think you're gonna need some rest too. You're just talking to yourself."
  • Igor: "N-No, I'm fine.
  • Brook: "You sure?"
  • Igor: "I'm sure."
  • Nozomi: "You better be right."
  • Igor: "And i am right!"
  • Brook: "AND I BETTER BE LEFT-"
  • [Nozomi and Igor stare at Brook]
  • Brook: "Okay, I'm sorry!"
  • [They follow Igor, who was following Ayaka's voice]
  • Igor: "I see them!"
  • [Other characters {Including Miku} Where held hostage as well]
  • Igor: "Lemme guess, you guys all fell in a trap!"
  • Marco: "Yeah, we fell in a trap."
  • Sakura: "[Sigh] I can't belive we fell for such a stupid trap."
  • Brook: "We'll save you all!"
  • Hajime: "Well, Thanks, I guess."
  • Igor: "You're welcome!"
  • [While the others free everyone in the cell, Igor heads to the chief's headquarters but get caught up with the Blue meanie minions]
  • Igor: "Minions, eh?"
  • [Igor grabs a fire sword]
  • Igor: "Let's defeat them!"
  • Nozomi: "Yea!!"
  • Minions: "LET'S GET 'EM!"
  • [Minions attacking and Igor protects Nozomi]
  • [All Minions are dead]
  • Igor: [Panting a little] "....."
  • Nozomi: "Igor, we have one more to go."
  • Igor: "I know."
  • Nozomi: "Igor, you do know that you're risking your life right now..."
  • Igor: "I know. But that doesn't mean I can't protect anybody."
  • Nozomi: ".....I understand."
  • Igor: [nods]
  • [Igor runs to the chief's headquarters, "CtC Reimu's Theme: G Free ~ Final Dream" plays. ]
  • Blue Meanie Chief: "So someone arrives."
  • Ayaka: "Igor!"
  • Igor: "Hang on, I'll save you, Ayaka!"
  • Blue Meanie Chief: "Not before I teach you a lesson to mind your own business! [Grabs Sledge Hammer and attacks]
  • Igor: [Defends himself] "Not on my watch!"
  • Blue Meanie Chief: [While attacking] "Oh please. Do you REALLY think you can save everyone? Do you REALLY think that way? I know who you are, Igor, a little bird told me."
  • Igor: "Ayaka?"
  • Blue Meanie Chief: "No, No, idiot. The bird who told me surprisingly kept on saying under breath "I want my Senpai back" over and over after she told me about you."
  • Igor: "Ayano Aishi?!"
  • Blue Meanie Chief: "Yep!"
  • [Igor grabs Ayaka and starts running away with her]
  • Blue Meanie Chief: "ARGH!" [Runs after them]
  • Ayaka: "Igor, there's a cliff over there, what shall we do?"
  • [Igor sees a rope, holds Ayaka and grabs the rope. Then he swings arcoss.] {The Indiana Jones theme will play at this part}
  • [Igor manages to pass though the cliff. He keeps running to the exit]
  • [He stops and turns around to see the Chief stoping as well]
  • Blue Meanie Chief: "Don't think you're getting away with this! I'll get you all ne-
  • Boredomu: [Offscreen] "You failed us for the last time, "Chief". We can not take this any longer."
  • [Boredomu Rebunjepaason appears]
  • Blue Meanie Chief: "Boredomu, I-" [Gets shot]
  • Ayaka: "AH!!!"
  • [Igor escapes with Ayaka and the Gang.]
  • [Igor sees a group coming towards them]
  • {End of episode 3, A Vocal remix of "Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye" plays during the ending. }