Sanae Kochiya
()()谷 早苗
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Sanae Kochiya (東風谷 早苗 Kochiya Sanae?) is a character from Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith.


Sanae is the stage 5 boss from Touhou Kaeidzuka ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View and priestess (miko) of the Moriya Shrine. Though she is human, she is Suwako's descendant and has the power to create miracles due to her divine blood. In the past, people began to worship her as a living god due to these miracles, despite the fact that she was the priestess of another god and most of the miracles were her god's. As the outside world changed, though, faith in both Sanae and her god Kanako declined and they chose to move their shrine to Gensokyo. Wanting to gather the faith of Gensokyo's residents, she threatened to close down the Hakurei Shrine, which resulted in a resounding defeat for her and her gods. It was then she understood that she is no longer a living god in this land of miracles, but only a normal human being.

In the Community Plaza Fanon Edit

She is Taro Yamada's Bestie.