Confession! is the 10th episode of Community Plaza: The Series.


Seitekina confesses to Eli Ayase after a date with her, however, during the date, the two aren't aware they're being followed by Igor the Mii and Brook.





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  • [Seitekina wakes up, and leaves Room 101.]
  • Seitekina: "Today is the day! I'm detemined enough to ask Eli out!"
  • [Seitekina goes to floor 1 and goes to near the door to Room 61.]
  • [Cut to Room 61, where Igor is asleep with Eli and Nozomi.]
  • [Some knocking on the door sounds can be heard.]
  • [Eli wakes up.]
  • Eli: [yawns] "Who it could be?" 
  • [Eli leaves her bed and walks towards the door, and opens it.]
  • Seitekina: "H-hi..."
  • Eli: "Oh, you're that one clingy guy." [Slowly closes door, only to be interrupted by one of Seitekina's feet]
  • Seitekina: "E-eli-chan, want to go out with me?"
  • Eli: "...Fine, but if this date goes horrible, i'll never talk with you ever again."
  • Seitekina: [gulps] "Right."
  • Eli: "So, where are we going?"
  • Seitekina: "The m-mall?"
  • Eli: "Okay, the mall is where we're heading."
  • [Seitekina nods.]
  • [Eli and Seitekina go to the mall after getting dressed.]
  • [Cut to outside the hotel.]
  • Igor: "Russians DO love Chocolate and Vodoka, right?
  • Brook: "Yeah, but I heard one guy gave Eli Nori and pickled plums and got exile to Siberia!"
  • Igor: "Ha, poor guy, he is unlucky. I heard someone tried to tell others that Eli was a complete derp, and guess what happened?"
  • Brook: "What?"
  • Igor: "He got killed by Eli!"
  • Brook: "Whoa!"
  • Igor: "Whoa indeed! I think i'll follow Seitekina during his date with Eli."
  • Brook: [While holding Yuki plushie] "I'm going too!"
  • [The two silently follow Seitekina and Eli.]
  • [Igor bumps into Compa]
  • Igor: "S-sorry, i wasn't looking where i was heading!"
  • Compa: "It's alright, Iggy."
  • Brook: "Iggy?"
  • Igor: "She calls me "Iggy", Broo-"
  • [Igor sees that Brook was in the plushie shop]
  • Seitekina: "W-wanna go t-to the chocolate shop?"
  • Eli: "Sure. I do like Chocolate."
  • [Seitekina and Eli go to the Chocolate shop.]
  • [Brook returns to Igor and Compa holding both the Yuki plushie and a Ichimatsu plushie]
  • Brook: "What?"
  • Igor: "I'll go buy some chocolate."
  • Brook: "Okie dookie."
  • [Igor and Brook go to the Chocolate shop.]
  • [Compa follows Igor, so does Neptune.]
  • Brook: "Oh hey Neptune."
  • Neptune: "Hey."
  • Seitekina: [looking around] "Hmmm..."
  • Eli: "What?"
  • Seitekina: "How bout this?"
  • [It was a pack of milk and white chocolate candy bars]
  • Eli: "S-sure..." [blushes]
  • Seitekina: "Something wrong?"
  • Eli: "N-nothing..."
  • Igor: [whispers to brook] "Is it me, or Eli suddenly began to act shy?"
  • Brook: "Maybe she's turning into a Dandere or a Kuudere."
  • Igor: "I like danderes. I like Kuuderes too."
  • Neptune: "Noire's a tsundere!"
  • Brook: "Haruhi's a Kamidere!"
  • Igor: "I'm...I don't know, a dandere, tsundere, kuudere, or deredere."
  • [Seitekina hands the Cashier money]
  • Brook: "Should we hide? They might see us!"
  • Igor: "Y-yes."
  • [Igor, Brook, Neptune and Compa hide]
  • Seitekina: "Strange. I thought I saw Igor, Brook and Compa."
  • Eli: "I thought i saw Neptune."
  • [Seitekina and Eli leave the shop.]
  • Igor: "It's clean now."
  • Brook: "Now what should we buy?"
  • Igor: "I dunno, some chocolate bars?"
  • Brook: "I think I'll go to the Candy store and talk to female Corrin."
  • Igor: "Sure."
  • [Brook goes to the Candy store.]
  • Igor: [whispers to self] "What is this...? A warm feeling when i'm around Compa?" [shrugs] "I'm returning to follow the two."
  • [Igor follows Seitekina and Eli again, so does Compa and Neptune.]
  • [Brook catchs up five minutes later]
  • Setiekina: "Um.... you know Eli...."
  • Eli: "What?"
  • Igor: [Whispers to Compa] "He's gonna say it!"
  • Seitekina: " you...... because you're nice...."
  • Brook: [Whispers] "Yes!"
  • Seitekina: "...And also because of your busts."
  • Igor and Brook: [FACEPALM] "He just had to say that..."
  • Brook: "This date is probably gonna go downhill from here..."
  • Igor: "Wait! Eli didn't slap Seitekina yet!...or am i nailing it?"
  • Seitekina: "B-but other than your busts, your body's cute overall..."


  • EliDateJokeGuide

    The Eli section of the Joke Guide.

  • The Eli date section of the Joke guide of dating your love live waifus is referenced in the episode mulitple times, they are:
    1. Seitekina offering Eli Chocolate and the drink "Vodka".
    2. Igor saying that Russians love Chocolate and Vodka.
    3. Brook saying that a person got exile to Siberia by giving Eli Nori and pickled plums.
    4. Igor saying Eli killed a person because that person said Eli was a complete derp.
    5. Seitekina asking Eli to go to the Chocolate shop during the date.
  • Near the end of the episode, it's revealed Irina Taiyo has confessed to Maki Nishikino, which would be the main plot focus of the episode Gengestu Angels of Love.
  • This episode implies Igor has a Crush on Compa.