Conception Foundation Wikia

A place for frequently asked questions.

What is this wiki about?[]

This wiki is a place where you can share your creative ideas. You can post anything that follows the rules.

Who is in charge of the wiki?[]

I, StrongBadHR90 or Vivivian22 as you may know me on DeviantART, am usually in-charge of the wiki, but if I am away, Igor fills in for me. LinuxFan does all the neat JavaScript and CSS stuff so thank him for that, he's also an admin, and he is also in-charge somewhat.

Who is this frog thing in the wiki logo?[]

That's Wilkins, he was a Muppet who starred in commercials for various companies (usually coffee companies) from 1957 until 1969. He's our mascot in a way, so that's why you may see him everywhere.

Why are anime girls everywhere?[]

Most of our users at the time of writing this are from the Community Plaza Wiki, a wiki that has to do with an anime and manga fanon. A majority of the pages right now are imported from Community Plaza Wiki.

Why shitposting isn't allowed?[]

Shitposting is not allowed due to how much harder it makes it to navigate around the wiki. This wiki is meant for creative ideas, not shitposts, however, joke pages are allowed, but recommended you don't strictly focus on them.

Who is the staff of this wiki?[]

There's Igor, LinuxFan, me, Pingy,  and that's about it as of now.

Where does this wiki originate from?[]

This wiki actually originates from three different countries, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and the United States.

What is the target demographic for the wiki?[]

We recommend you be at least 18 years old. But we do allow users as young as 13. If you aren't 13 or older, you aren't allowed to be on Wikia.