A New Group, A New Hope is the first episode of Community Plaza: The Series.

A New Group, A New Hope

Written by

Igor the Mii, Pingy Animatronic, and Mikan is Cute

Directed by

Igor the Mii and Mikan is Cute

Air Date

March 12, 2016

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The day the Community Group meets the daughters of The Beatles

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After Igor sees all the bad things happening in GoCity by immature animators, he and some of his friends leave to find a new place to stay, after a day or two of camping and walking, they come across Community City, and meets Brook and Ayaka Ayamoto.

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[The story starts with Igor on the top of a building in GoCity, watching a innocent person getting arrested for no reason while the word "Grounded" echos through the air, "The Sea Where the Home Planet is Reflected" plays in the background. ]

Igor: "..." [Sigh]

[Nozomi Toujou walks up to Igor]

Nozomi: "What's wrong?"

Igor: "I honestly have no idea why i live there anymore. All i see now are Innocent people being arrested, grounded and even killed. All because of the big number of Immature GoAnimators on GoCity. It's time to leave this city for good."

Nozomi: "I agree."

Nico: "Nico Nico Niii~ It's about time~"

Nozomi: "Does this mean we're closing up the GoGang?"

[Igor thinks for a minute about the GoGang, then turns back at Nozomi]

Igor: "Actually, I'll be giving the lead role to Sophie the Otter."

Nozomi: "Right." 

[5 minutes later, Cut to the GoGang HQ, all members of the GoGang are outside the HQ, they look at Igor locking the entrance door and putting a notice saying "Due to certain problems with the population of GoCity, Our old leader left, therefore, we have a new leader." on the door.]

Igor: "Time to leave GoCity."

[Igor, Nozomi, Pingy, Patchouli, Pippi Osu, Kokona, Senpai/Taro, and Nico leave GoCity together. "The Japanese Wilderness the Girl Watched" plays. ]

[Igor finally sees a mountain he's never seen before, and sighs a sigh of relief. He was far away from the hell he used to call home]

Igor: "It's more peaceful out here."

Pingy: "I agree."

Senpai: "We're also far away from Ayano."

Patchouli: "And Mima."

[The group keeps walking until it's nighttime, where they camp for the night.]

Igor: "I've heard that there is a city named Community City, that's where we're heading."

Nozomi: "Okay, Igor."

[Time passes and Chen finds the camp]

Chen: "Igor-chan!"

Igor: "Chen? What are you doing here?"

Chen: "I'm going with you! I don't like GoCity anymore!"

Nozomi: "Welllll...."

[Nozomi looks at Igor and Igor looks back]

Igor: "I guess that's okay...."

Chen: "Yay!"

[They pack up and start walking again, because it was daytime]

Igor: [Notices what Chen called him] "Igor-chan? That was one of the nicknames of my OC Nina, she was a genderswap of me, later, she became unique."

[Nozomi notices Community City in the distance.]

Nozomi: "Is that Community City?"

Igor: "I guess so."

[Igor notices a girl and the Inklngs talking in the distance]

Igor: "Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl?"

Inkling Girl: "Igor?! Is that really you!?"

Inkling Boy: "Ayyy, long time no see!"

Igor: "Hi Inklings!"

[Igor walks over to them]

Mikan: "Um... I-Inklings, do you know this p-person by any chance?"

Igor: "Hm?"

[Mikan starts weeping a little]

Mikan: "I'm sorry for asking!!"

Igor: "It's okay..."

Inkling Boy: "Of course we do!"

Inkling Girl: "Yea!"

Igor: "Right, let's keep walking."

[The group walks until they finally arrive on the Community City. "Greenwich in the Sky" plays. ]

Igor: "Thanks, Inklings and um... what's your name?"

Mikan: "My name is Mikan Tsumiki. I work at Community Hospital."

Igor: "Oh, okay, thanks!"

Nozomi: "Thank you!"

Mikan: "You're w-welcome!"

[The Inklings walk with Brook behind them]

Brook: "So these are the newcomers?"

Inkling boy: "Yep!"

[Brook walks over and studies Igor]

Brook: "Hmmm.... Yep all are healthy and well!"

Senpai: "What does heath have to do with anything?"

Brook: "Just making sure none of you have to go to the Community Hospital."

Brook: "I'm Brook by the way."

Igor: "I am Igor the Mii. Call me Igor."

Nico: "Have you seen my friends Hanayo, Rin, Kotori, Maki, Honoka, Eli and Umi?"

Nozomi: "I have the same question as Nico."

Brook: "Oh, you know them? Well, they're in the Community Mall shopping."

Nozomi: "Thank you!"

[Nico and Nozomi leave to the mall]

Senpai: "Me and Pingy are gonna go to the Community Tower."

Igor: "Right."

[Pingy and Senpai go to the Community Tower.]

Igor: "Since i don't have anything else to do, i'll follow Nico and Nozomi to the shopping."

[Igor follows Nico and Nozomi.]

[Brook comes along with Igor.]

[Once Nico, Nozomi, Igor and Brook arrive at the mall. The Ruins music from Undertale plays. ]

Igor: "It's afternoon...Right?"

Nico: "It is afternoon, Igor."

Igor: "That means they must be on the Food Court!...But where is the Food court?"

[Nico points to a sign showing a map of the Mall, Igor looks at the map.]

Igor: "So, Basement Floor one?"

Nico: "Of course!"

Igor: "Right!"

[Igor, Nozomi, Nico and Brook walk to the Food court, they notice the other µ's (Minus Honoka, Kotori and Umi) members sitting in a table, waiting for their food.]

Nico: "Ummm, where is Honoka, Kotori and Umi?"

Hanayo: "T-they're getting our food."

Igor: "Oh."

[Suddenly, Pingy walks towards the group.]

Pingy: "Are we going to Jollibee? I hope so! Cause they have good food!"

Igor: [Points to Jollibee] "Pingy, they have Jollibee!"

Pingy: "Nice!"

[Pingy goes to get some food from Jollibee.]

[Brook comes back eating food from Wendy's]

Brook: "So, Igor. I wanna introduce you to someone after lunch."

[The girls come back alongside Sarah West and Nina Inabi.]

Igor: "Who are you?"

Nina: "She is Sarah West."

Igor: "Oh!"

Sarah: "Hello!"

[They finish lunch and Igor goes and follows Brook]

Igor: "So who do you want me to meet?"

Brook: "You'll see!"

[They reach a HUGE castle, Emerald Hill Zone (2 player) plays. ]

Igor: [Looks around] "This is a huge castle!"

Nozomi: "Yea, it's huge!"

Pingy: "Mama Mia, it's so huge!"

Brook: "This is the castle for our princess!'

Pingy: "Princess? Like Princess Peach?"

Brook: "Yes and no. Princess Ayaka has never been captured before."

Inkling Boy: "And she's really cute and smart!"

Brook: "Let's go inside, she's waiting for us."

Igor: "Right!"

[The group walks to the Throne Room.]

[Ayaka Ayamoto was standing there, waiting]

Ayaka: "So you came."

[Ayaka smiles]

Ayaka: 'Welcome."

Nozomi: [Whispers to Igor] "She's so nice!"

Igor: [Whispers back] "Yea!"

Nico: [smiles]

Ayaka: "Are you wishing to stay here, in this town?"

Chen: "Yep!"

Ayaka: "Then you may."

Igor: "Yay!" 

Ayaka: "I know where you guys can live."

[Ayaka leads the group to the Community Hotel, Inside the Community Plaza.]

Igor: [As he looks on the hotel] "Whoa...."

Brook: "This is where most of us live!"

Inklings: "Yep!"

Igor: "How many floors has this hotel?"

Brook: "15 Floors, with 100 rooms in each floor."

Igor: "I'm gonna take Room 61."

Inkling boy: "Me and Inkling girl have room 561."

Brook: "I'm in room 174!"

[Everyone gets settled in and it's almost nightime]

Brook: [On phone to Igor] "So you can have room-mates!"

Igor: "Really?"

Brook: "Yea!"

Igor: "I guess i'll go with Nozomi and Eli being room mates."

Brook: "Great!"

[Igor can't see it, but he knows she just smiled]

Igor: "Who are your room-mates?"

Brook: "Mikan Tsumiki and Marry Kozakura."

[It was 10:00pm and Brook yawned, A Piano cover of "Last Remote" plays. ]

[Igor was trying to sleep alongside Eli.]

[A few seconds later, Nozomi opens the door]

Igor: [opens eyes] "Nozomi, i was trying to sleep."

Nozomi: "I was going to my bed right now."

[Igor sits up and Nozomi sits on the edge of the bed]

Nozomi: "So, this is our new home."

Igor: "Yea."

Nozomi: "I guess we could celebrate it...with a kiss?"

Igor: [blushes slightly] "I guess so."

[Igor and Nozomi kiss each other, "Flawless Clothing of the Celestials" plays in the background. ]

Nozomi: Heheh....Good night... [Leaves to her bed]

Igor: Good night... [Lies back down and falls asleep]

{End of Episode 1, A Vocal remix of "The Gensokyo the Gods Loved" plays in the ending.}

Trivia Edit

  • The other µ's members have moved to Community City before Nozomi and Nico.