A League Like No Other is the 4th episode of Community Plaza: The Series.

A League Like No Other

Written by

Igor the Mii and Mikan is Cute

Directed by

Igor the Mii and Mikan is Cute

Air Date

March 21, 2016

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Smart Maiden in Distress

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Igor and the Gang meet the League of High Class Villains.

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Template:Finished Warning: This transcript contains some foul words.

  • [Igor noticed the new group...was the League of High Class Villains!]
  • Igor: "WHO ARE YOU GUYS?!"
  • Brat: "Whatever you want us to be."
  • B.B Hood: "Do we finally get to kill that princess you were talking about?!"
  • Ayaka: "!"
  • Boredomu: "Unfortunately, that Blue Bastard of a Villain failed to capture Ayaka."
  • Bowser: "BAWAHAHA! You should've just left the capturing to ME! I'm an EXPERT at capturing princesses!"
  • B.B Hood: "Awww no fair!"
  • Ayano: "You stole my senpai..."
  • Mima: "You're the one who stopped me mulitple times!"
  • Nozomi: "What should we do?!"
  • B.B Hood and Ayano: "Oh......You're not getting away......"
  • Igor: "Nitori! Your teleportation machine!"
  • Nitori: Oh yeahhhh! [Teleports the heroes and herself to the hotel]
  • [Cut to the Main room of the hotel]
  • Igor: [panting] "What in the name of god was that?!"
  • [Brat and the others break through the door]
  • Brat: "Us? We're the League of High Class Villains!"
  • Igor: "Oh god! What you want from us?!"
  • Beserk: "We'll capture Ayaka!"
  • [A voice that says "Not on my watch!" is heard, suddenly, Utsuho appears!]
  • Mima: "Not you!"
  • Utsuho: "Don't worry, everyone! Everything is okay!"
  • B.B Hood: "Don't get in our way!"
  • Igor: "Utsuho?"
  • Utsuho: "The only thing that I'm not gonna get in your way is your way to Community Prison for the worse!"
  • [Utsuho directly attacks the LoHCV with a blast from her Arm cannon]
  • [Most dodge, but some get really injured]
  • Bowser: "Try better, Raven Girl!"
  • Utsuho: "Raven Girl? I'm no Raven Girl--" [Aims Arm cannon at Bowser] "-I'm Utsuho Reiuji! And not only are you threatening the life of Ayaka Ayamoto, but my owner Satori Komeiji too!" [Fires]
  • [Most who dodged before dodge again, but some get hit this time]
  • B.B Hood: "GAHHH!"
  • Sigma: "GRAGHH!"
  • Ayano: "KYAAAAA!"
  • [They try to escape...only to the Community Police to be outside the hotel.]
  • Officer: "HALT! You are under arrest for trying to kidnap the Princess!"
  • Boredomu: [Turns to Igor and Utsuho] "Fools! You WILL regret this!" [Gets handcuffed by the police]
  • [The villains are handcuffed and are put on the Police Van]
  • [The Police Van drives away]
  • Igor: "Well, they're gone, for now."
  • Nozomi: "What you mean?"
  • Igor: "They're gonna return anytime soon."
  • [Igor goes back into his room, lays on his bed, and falls asleep]
  • [Igor wakes up in the Dreamrealm]
  • [Igor was on a roof of a building in Community City]
  • Igor: "Hello? Is this a dream? I'm gonna bet this is gonna turn bad soon!"
  • [Igor sees 5 shaded figures. One was carrying a fire sword, another had a arm cannon and then the last three were small girls]
  • Igor: "Why do I not recognize any of these figures. Maybe because they're shaded in..."
  • [Igor then notices the world around him. Some buildings were destroyed, the sky was redish orange and it was over 80 degrees.]
  • Igor: "What is going on here?"
  • {End of episode 4, "A Vocal remix of "Lullaby of Deserted Hell" plays. }